English Comedy Club | Thurs October 14th!!

Have you been to the English Comedy Club lately?? If so, apologies for stomach pains you experienced the morning after, cause you were laughing so hard (or cause you ordered the salmon).

With a showcase of Finland’s top comedic talent and Europe’s rising standup stars, the English Comedy Club at Manala is indubitably Finland’s premiere all English-language comedy club.

In September we brought over two of Sweden’s finest comics, and they tore down the sold-out crowd. So in October we’re plucking a couple more of Sweden’s funniest comics: Henrik Elmer and Evelyn Mok, for this very special one-night only performance…


WHAT: English Comedy Club
WHEN: Thursday October 14, 2010
WHERE: Manala, 3rd Floor, Museokatu 10, Helsinki
HOW: 10e (8e students)
RSVP: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=128931963822795



Henrik Elmer (Sweden) | www.myspace.com/henrikelmer

Henrik Elmer is a favourite act amongst promoters and comedy audiences all over the world. Deadpan, deliberate and downright funny, his twisted observations could only come from a man with a compulsion to throw his keys in the river every time he goes over a bridge.

“Deadpan Swede with masterful timing … his control was masterful” – Three Weeks
“Somewhat downbeat and very funny … an interesting vein of quirky humour” – Time Out
“Uses uniquely twisted Nordic logic to produce an off-beat, but very funny, set” – Chortle
“Laid back and extremely funny … cleverly constructed gags” – BBC 7
“The crowd lapped up his humour like a thirsty dog” – BBC Lincolnshire
“Speaks far better English than most of his British-born colleague” – The Guardian

Evelyn Mok (Sweden) | www.myspace.com/evelynmok

Evelyn is Swedish, can’t you tell? Evelyn is also very very funny, can’t you tell…all your friends to come see her live! (please?)

Stewart Johnson (Estonia/USA)

Stewart is a magnet for bizarre events, and loves to recount these stories to audiences. In return, audiences love to listen and laugh along. The wacky choices Stewart makes in life and his extremely dry wit make it easy to relate to him—or not—but spectators will definitely take him to heart and may even reconsider the wisdom of their ways.

Phil Schwarzmann (USA) | www.philschwarzmann.com

Phil Schwarzmann is NOT Jewish. (Not like there’s anything wrong with that!) But like the Jews, he’s pretty funny, and he controls the world’s economy from a secret underground bunker in Switzerland.

HOST: Louis Zezeran (Australia) | www.zezeran.com

Louis Zezeran is NOT gay. How do we know this? Cause he masturbates to Margaret Thatcher. He tells us this on stage, just in case the audience thinks otherwise.


What people are saying about the English Comedy Club…

“The funniest thing I’ve eve

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