English Comedy Club | Thursday September 9 @ Manala !!

So you missed August’s English Comedy Club and you heard how awesome it was from your friends and internets?

Did you hear how Andre Wickstrom unexpectantly show up and surprised the audience with his first English set EVER!? And did you hear how headliner Tomi Walamies tore down an absolutely packed house with his Jewish jokes? And how about when host Louis Zezeran threw wads of 100 euro notes at everyone in the first ten rows?

What other famous comedian will show up unexpectantly on September 9th at the English Comedy Club? Probably nobody, but we have an AMAZING show lined up for you, featuring two of Sweden’s top comics…


WHAT: English Comedy Club
WHERE: Manala, 3rd Floor, Museokatu 10, Helsinki
WHEN: Thursday September 9, 2010 @ 8pm
COST: 10e (8e students)
RSVP ON FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=112033185516907


ISAK JANSSON (Sweden) | www.isakjansson.com

This young Swede is absolutely massive in Sweden regularly touring his native country as well as the rest of Scandinavia. We’re lucky to have him for one night only in Helsinki as he makes his Finland debut. Come see the world wide observed from the eyes of a Swedish lad


Henrik is one of Sweden’s top up-and-coming comedians. His smooth storyteller comic style will make you fall in love with him, want to marry him, have his babies, then kidnap his babies to Russia. Yeah…he’s THAT funny!


Stephanie came to Finland for the same reason why everyone comes: Hot smokin’ Finnish chics! Why else? She’s also funny as heck and her unique perspective on life makes for an hysterical performance. Oh, and she’s also like a black belt in karate (or jujitsu or something). So don’t fuck with her.


We all know what Finns think of Estonians (white trash). Well what do Estonians think of Finns!? (nobody cares) Andrei will take the Viking Boat to Helsinki and tell you! (cause we’re too cheap to send him on Linda Line)

PHIL SCHWARZMANN (USA) | www.philschwarzmann.com

Phil starts off every set by giving a shout out to his main man God. TV credits he’d like to have include: Def Comedy Jam, Live at the Apollo, and Arsenio Hall. Also Oprah and Ellen.

HOST: LOUIS ZEZERAN (Australia) | www.zezeran.com

Are you still reading this?? Then you will adore our host for the evening, Louis Zezeran. He’s from Australia and he’ll chase tail half way across the world…and he’ll make you laugh. (Unless you’re an ex-girlfriend of his) Trivia: What’s the capital of Australia? New Zealand!


So come and have a beer or three and enjoy Finland’s premiere all English-language comedy club!

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