English Open Mic @ Manala in Helsinki – November 5, 2009 (w/ Phil)

Manala is back with another English Open Mic night on November 5th at 8pm. I’ll be hosting. Tickets are just 2€ from the door.

You’ll see professional Finnish comics trying out material in English. Young comics working on their sets. First-timers. Crazy people.

…cause at an Open MIc, anyone (yes, ANYONE) can have their five minutes of fame. All you need to do is e-mail openmic@botta.fi to signup!

If you missed the last open mic, it was an absolute riot. 150+ in attendance. We surely broke some world record for open mics with that kind of audience.

Hope to see you there!

One photo was taken of me during the last English Open Mic, and this it it.

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