10 Reasons You Should Hire Me

Ten unique qualities about myself. Would I be the right fit for your brand..?


Your brand will buzz. Read a lot about Nokia in the media? I’d like to think I had something to do with that. With my rare mix of years in both the Communications and Marketing organizations, I know how to talk to the media, build a community, and get people excited about your brand. Heck, even my goodbye letter made headlines on The Verge.


Let’s go global. I’m international. I’m well traveled. I lived and worked in Europe for ten years and speak Finnish. I celebrate diversity and have friends in every culture and country. I can work with anyone and take your product anywhere.


Social is my passion professionally and personally. As a digital native, I started my first blog in 2004, hosted my first of three podcasts in 2005, launched Nokia’s first public blogging platform in 2006, became editor-in-chief of Nokia’s official blog in 2008, and spend entirely too much time on Twitter. Online is where I work, play, and live.


I live and breathe tech. And I know how to communicate and market it to consumers. A gadget geek since I got my NES at age five, while nine years at Nokia has made me a mobile junkie. I drool over phones, tablets, apps, services, cameras, synthesizers, and speakers.


Content is king. I’m an actual writer. I’ve been blogging personally and professionally for eight years. My new book “How to Marry a Finnish Girl” came out on Gummerus Publishers last year. The key to any successful brand’s social media channels, and most often ignored, is killer content. I make that.


Commitment to your brand. I wake up everyday and love what I do. I’m young, no kids, one Sheltie, married to a hardworking architect and devoted to my career. Through the good times and bad, I was a Nokia devotee and I can’t wait to devote myself to you.


Strategist vs. hands on. Not only will I create a social media strategy, I’ll execute it. I’m a leader and have led teams in the past, but I crave to get hand my hands dirty. I write, I comment, I shoot stills, I edit video, I create infographics, I’m creative.


Your team’s dynamics. I’m fun. I’m an extrovert who loves his teammates on and off the field. I like to think I have a good sense of humor as my other passion lies in comedy – I perform stand-up comedy around San Francisco. I love to laugh and make people laugh.


The public face of your brand. I’ve been one of “one of Nokia’s more public faces” as I’ve represented Nokia in product announcements, interviews, videos, panels, blogs, podcasts, trade shows, and fan events.


Social media must drive sales. Social media is just fun and games unless it directly drives sales. I’m a results-driven person. It’s a success or it’s nothing. Using social monitoring, engagement, and analytics tools, your social media strategy will show a strong ROI.


You made it to the bottom! Well done! Have you checked out my resume?